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  1. What are the profile, the vision and the values of Laurentian Bank?

    Laurentian Bank was founded more than 160 years ago. To learn more about Laurentian Bank, please refer to the Business Profile section of the website.

  2. What are Laurentian Bank’s Lines of Business?

    Laurentian Bank has four Lines of Business:

    • Retail and SME-Québec
    • Real Estate and Commercial
    • B2B Bank
    • Laurentian Bank Securities and Capital Markets

    Click here  for details.

  3. Where can I find information about Laurentian Bank’s senior managers?

    All information with regard to Laurentian Bank’s senior managers is available in the Executive Bios  section.

  4. Does the Laurentian Bank website contain information on corporate governance?

    In the Corporate Governance section of the site, you will find information on the Board of directors, the Board Committees and the Management Committee.

  5. Where can I have access to the presentations and speeches made by executives of Laurentian Bank?

    These documents are available in the Investor Relations section, under Presentations and Speeches.

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