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LBCDirect Mobile

Important: LBCDirect Mobile has been optimized for smartphones, including iPhone, BlackBerry (version 5.x and 6.x) with touch screen and Android (version 2.x).

We cannot offer the same quality of service on older versions of these smartphones or on devices that are not specifically designed for Internet browsing.  Transactions made using the mobile services on a non-supported device remain secure but user experience may be poor.

Q: How can I access LBCDirect from my mobile device?
A: Using the browser on your mobile device, go to the Laurentian Bank website ( and you will be automatically redirected to the LBCDirect Mobile website.
Once the homepage has been downloaded, use your browser or device features to install a shortcut on your screen or to add the page to your favorites. Doing so will allow you to securely access the site in the future.

Q: Is there an additional charge to use LBCDirect mobile?
A: No. The Laurentian Bank does not charge user fees to access LBCDirect Mobile. However, your wireless service provider may charge fees when you browse the Internet from your mobile device. Please contact your service provider for additional information.

Q: Can I use LBCDirect Mobile from outside Canada?
A: Yes, insofar as you browse the Internet using a mobile device. Please contact your wireless service provider for information on conditions and fees of Internet browsing from abroad.

Q: Why did the Bank develop a new mobile website instead of an app?
A: A mobile site fulfills the needs of our clients while allowing us to easily update and maintain the website. However, the Bank may launch an app in the future.

Q: May I use someone else's mobile device to access LBCDirect Mobile?
A: Yes. You will be required to answer a personal identification question before opening a session.

Q: Can several people use LBCDirect Mobile services using the same mobile device?
A: Yes. All information from a user session is directly linked to the user code, not to the mobile device itself. No information is stored on the mobile device.

Q: Can I still browse the Laurentian Bank full site from my mobile device?
A: Yes. The LBCDirect Mobile site includes a link to the full site.

2.First-time use

Q: May I use LBCDirect Mobile services if I am not registered with Laurentian Bank online services (LBCDirect)?
A: No. You must first become a registered user of the LBCDirect full site. On your first visit, you will be required to configure your security credentials.  Only then will you be able to access LBCDirect Mobile using the same user code and password.

Q: Does LBCDirect Mobile and the full site require the same user code and password?
A: Yes. The system uses the same user code and password for both services.

Q: May I use a different user code and password on the mobile version?
A: No. The same user code and password is used on the mobile site and the full site.

Q: Do I open a session on LBCDirect Mobile in the same way as the full site?
A: Yes. The system uses the same user code and password for both services.

Q: What should I do if I forgot my password?
A: Contact customer support by dialing 1 800 252-1846.  A customer service representative will confirm your identity and reset your password. Afterwards, you will be once again required to configure your security credentials on the full site before using the mobile site.

Q: Why doesn’t the mobile site recognize my personal identification question?
A: The mobile site will not recognize your response if you are using the “predictive text” feature on your device.  This feature automatically adds a space at the end of the text, thereby resulting in an invalid response.


Q: Is the LBCDirect Mobile website secure? Is it less secure than browsing from a computer?
A: LBCDirect Mobile is just as secure as browsing LBCDirect from the computer. The same can be said for all Laurentian Bank online services. Inquire about best practices in wireless browsing, specifically regarding unprotected access points. Your data is fully protected when you land on the secure website (identified by an HTTPS URL). We recommend saving a shortcut to your screen and/or to save the link in your favorites.

4.Full warranty in case of fraud

The warrantee against online fraud ensures that you will be fully reimbursed if an authorized transaction is processed via LBCDirect electronic services.

Q: What should I do if my mobile device is lost or stolen?
A: Rest assured that no confidential information from LBCDirect Mobile is stored on your device. You have nothing special to report to the Bank.

5.Available features and transactions

Q: What kind of transactions can be done on LBCDirect Mobile?
A: You may check the balance on your accounts, lines of credit and Laurentian Bank VISA cards as well as display the transaction history of your operations and savings accounts. In addition, you may transfer funds between LBC accounts and pay bills. Other features will be gradually introduced.

Q: May I display a transaction history on LBCDirect Mobile?
A: Yes, except for certain types of accounts (VISA, mortgage, RRSPs and investments) for which a transaction history is not available on the mobile version. You may display the transactions from the last 30 days, up to a maximum of 300 transactions.

Q: Why can't I display the details of my mortgage, RRSPs or investments on LBCDirect mobile?
A: Access is unavailable in LBCDirect Mobile because it is not currently possible to conduct transactions on these accounts for the moment. This feature will be added to the mobile site at a later date.

Q: May I display VISA statements on LBCDirect Mobile?
A: No. This feature is only available on the full site at this time.

Q: May I access my ePost account from LBCDirect Mobile?
A: No. This feature is only available on the full site at this time.

Q: May I do postdated transactions on the mobile website?
A: No. This feature is only available on the full site at this time.

Q: May I choose the payment date when paying bills?
A: No. This feature is only available on the full site. Transactions from the mobile site are processed on a same-day basis.

Q: When are transactions processed?
A: Transactions closed before 8:45 pm (EST) are processed on the same day; all other transactions will be processed on the next day.

6.Technical issues

Q: Some buttons aren't displayed. What should I do?
A: Make sure you are browsing the mobile site rather than the full site (  If the problem is not resolved, your mobile device may not be compatible with the mobile site. LBCDirect Mobile has been optimized for smartphones, including iPhone, BlackBerry (version 5.x and 6.x) and Android (version 2.x).

Q: The mobile site is very slow. Is that normal?
A: By default, navigating a mobile site is always slower than navigating a website from a computer. Therefore, slower speeds are normal. The Bank is currently working to offer optimal browsing speed.

Q: If the mobile site is down, will I be automatically redirected to the Bank’s full site?
A. No. A message will notify you that the website is currently experiencing technical difficulties and will invite you to try accessing the site later.