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Dark blue Visa* Reduced Rate credit card.


Laurentian Bank Visa* Reduced Rate

The basics.


Annual fee1


Interest rate on purchases and balance transfers2


Interest rate on cash advances2


Additional cardholder3

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Savings anyone can appreciate.

Save money on interest payments when you carry a balance on your Laurentian Bank Visa* Reduced Rate credit card.


Maximize your earning power.

  • Redeem as little as $1 in points towards your account balance or eligible net purchases.4

  • Earn more rewards just by using your Laurentian Bank credit card with hundreds of inCard offers.

  • Shop online through our eShop and earn up to 30% back in points on your favourite brands such as Nike, Lululemon, Indigo and more.

First-class digital features.

  • Get a virtual card instantly.

    Apply online and get your virtual card within seconds of being approved and start spending right away. Need a replacement card? Request one online and get it instantly.

  • Stay on top of your account.

    Keep track of purchases with real-time notifications,5 easily change your contact information, request a credit limit increase, change your PIN and more.

  • Access your rewards.

    View your rewards balance and easily redeem it against a specific purchase or towards your account balance. Plus, shop inCard and eShop special offers.

  • Manage your spending.

    Create a budget and manage your spending by category with simple tools, and get notified when you’re approaching your limit.

  • Take control of your card.

    Get instant security with lock and unlock card features and easily block online transactions in foreign currency.

  • Add cardholders.

    Add authorized users, view their transactions, lock their card or block specific transactions, and set monthly spending limits for each cardholder.

More to love.

Extra benefits and features.

Relax, with comprehensive insurance coverage.


Fraud protection

Visa Zero Liability* fraud protection6

  • You’re covered against unauthorized use of your card. You can shop safely knowing you won’t be charged for fraudulent purchases.



  • Assur-PaymentTM is an optional program offered to a Laurentian Bank Visa* card primary cardholder.

  • It combines insurance,7 advice and health and wellness assistance services to support you in the event of the unexpected.

  • Assur‑PaymentTM provides the support to help you in your daily life and when you need it most.

  • Combines life, disability and job loss insurance8 to fully cover you.

  • Assistance services9 focused on health and well-being.

  • Provides personal budgeting advice, legal advice, and psychological, grief and emotional loss support.

Learn more about Assur-PaymentTM

For more details, refer to the:

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Pay on your own terms.10

Pay off your large purchases in smaller, manageable monthly payments at a lower interest rate.

Our instalment plan.

Enjoy flexible payment options with Instalments.10 Set up smaller monthly payments for eligible purchases CAD 100 and over, starting at just 5.99% interest.

Buy now, pay later.

Make big or unexpected purchases without hurting your budget. You’ll know exactly how much your monthly payments will be.

No extra credit checks needed.

Instalment payments are part of your existing Credit Limit, so no additional credit checks are required.

Flexible payments.

You can choose between 3-, 6-, 12-, or 24-month plan options starting at rates as low as 5.99%.11

Is this card right for me?

Residency and age requirements.

You must be a Canadian resident and meet the age of majority in your province or territory.

Reduced interest rate.

You prefer a lower annual interest rate to save money on revolving account balances.

Low annual fee.

You want low annual fees so you’ll have more to spend on everyday purchases.

Basic rewards program.

You don’t need premium rewards and travel benefits.

Additional cardholders at no fee.

You’re looking to add additional cardholders at no cost.

Helpful tips and resources.

Your questions answered.