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As a responsible citizen, buy local. Care for their dreams with the new Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)
My Family Planning the financial stages
of your family life.
My Career Our financial support to
fulfill your ambitions.
My Dream Savings and credit options to
help your projects succeed.
My First Home Everything you need to know
about buying a house.
My Renovations How to maximize the value
of your property.
My Nest Egg Using your home equity as
a source of financing.
My First Pay Your first bank account
to begin your active life.
My Credit Learn how to use
credit wisely.
My Planning The secrets of sound
financial planning.
My Studies Our solutions designed
for students.
My Savings Realize your savings and
investment objectives.
My Retirement Plan today for an enjoyable
retirement tomorrow.
Financing Products Mortgage Products Transactional Products Investment Products

Visa credit cards
Personal line of credit
Personal loan
Student loan
RRSP loan
+ All other products

Homeowner's Kit
Equity line of credit
Variable-rate mortgage
Fixed-rate mortgage
+ All other products

Banking programs
Electronic services
CDIC Deposit-Insurance
+ All other products

Fixed-rate investments
Indexed investments
Mutual funds
Registered plans
LBC Financial Services
Bank securities
+ All other products

my ideas my home my money my future my ideas my home my money my future
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