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About Investor Access

LBC Financial Services Inc. (LBCFS) has chosen B2B Bank Financial Services Inc. (B2BBFSI) to support the administration of all of its investment accounts, to provide you with powerful services, such as Investor Access.

Investor Access provides convenient and secure online access to all of your important account information.

  • View your account holdings, balances and transaction history.
  • Access contribution tax receipts, information on distributions and dividends, and track capital gains.
  • View and print copies of receipts and previous statements.
  • You can even view the details of your pre-authorized purchases and systematic withdrawal plans.

You can also sign up for eDelivery of your statements, trade confirmations and tax slips, and these documents will be archived for you to access and view, free, for 10 years.

With Investor Access, you have up to date information on all of your accounts and investments so you can work with your advisor to maximize your savings and investment strategies.

For more information about how Investor Access can help you keep track of your investments, please speak with your advisor.

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Investment access guide
Investor Access - Quick
reference guide (PDF)
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