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Laurentian Trust

At the Laurentian Bank, you’ll find all the fiduciary services you need, such as trust, estate planning and estate settlement services, under one single roof!

Laurentian Trust is a wholly owned subsidiary of Laurentian Bank offering depositary and trust services to individuals. It also covers estate services such as estate planning and estate settlement. Laurentian Trust can provide you with helpful advice and solutions. Read on for details on all the products and services offered.

Buying a home, getting married and having children are important milestones worthy of serious consideration. They also require legal documents to protect your wishes and your loved ones. And by no means should age be the single  determining factor in preparing for eventualities…
Estate planning
Your will should explain to your family and friends, without ambiguity, your legal, fiscal and financial last wishes.
  • To insure that all your demands are entirely and humanely respected at the moment of your death
  • To protect a partner or spouse with whom you may have shared the
    greater part of your life
  • To personally plan for the needs of your heirs
  • To legalize your estate
Mandate in case of incapacity
A mandate could protect you in the event that you are
incapable of looking after yourself or your property. It will indicate, among other things, who will care for you and pay your bills. Illness is unpredictable and can strike anyone, regardless of age.
  • To make your own decisions should you fall victim to a serious illness or accident
  • To insure your complete peace of mind should your situation prevent you from meeting your own needs
  • To avoid your property being administered through public guardianship (e.g.: public curator) should you become incapacitated


Laurentian Trust can provide welcome support and play a number of important roles for you throughout the sometimes long, painful and exhausting process of estate settlement.
The executor oversees the estate settlement process, performing various tasks such as analysing the will and legal documents of the deceased, communicating with the heirs, taking care of inventory and distribution of property. The executor’s role can be entrusted to Laurentian Trust.
  • To make a delicate and complex task easier and support you throughout the process
  • To bring confidence and peace of mind to your loved ones
    during this transitory period
  • To insure that the best possible decisions are made, in the best interests of the deceased
  • To guarantee impartiality throughout the process
A loved one has named you executor of their estate, but you have neither the time nor the expertise to perform the task. Laurentian Trust can help.
  • To handle tasks requiring legal and financial expertise
  • To allow you to grieve and free you from certain duties



Laurentian Trust offers trustee services should you wish to establish a trust for your
benefit or the benefit of another.
Trustee of your trust
A trust protects the legacy of the constituent, that is yourself or yourself and your spouse. No one but the constituent and their spouse, if applicable, can have access to the savings and revenues in trust prior to the death of one or the other. Laurentian Trust can take
on the role of trustee of your trust.
  • An asset protection trust allows a professional to protect a part of their legacy
  • A person over 65 years of age can also benefit from the establishment of a trust to protect their life savings.


Laurentian Trust is for you if:

  • You’re looking for a specialist to help you with estate and fiscal planning and estate settlement;
  • You’d like to access several services under one roof and seek sound advice;
  • You’d like to protect yourself and your loved ones today so that you are ready for any eventuality tomorrow may bring.
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