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The Investment Excellence Account

Permanent suspension of Investment Excellence account

Please note that as of June 1, 2022, the Investment Excellence account will no longer be available for new opening. Should you wish to save with a competitive interest rate, we recommend our High Interest Savings Account5.

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You have money to invest, few transactions to perform, but you want unlimited access to your cash, just in case. The Investment Excellence Account was custombuilt for people like you and will accommodate all your banking needs!

What is Investment Excellence?

The Investment Excellence Account is a savings account that offers you an attractive progressive annual interest rate. In fact, the returns are comparable to a short-term deposit certificate except that your money is always available. You can choose a paper bank statement1 or an electronic bank statement.1,2

  • This type of account pays a progressive annual interest based on the tiers below. The interest is calculated on the minimal daily balance and paid monthly.
  • This account has a limited number of fees to help you save for the special projects you have in mind.
  • Rates in force3


Transaction Fees4
Withdrawal, preauthorized payment or transfer
at an ABM or through LBCDirect services
Cheque $1.25

Note that a monthly $1.00 rebate is offered for the first debit transaction. The monthly account maintenance fees will be of $3.00 with a paper bank statement1. No charge for an electronic bank statement1,2 via epostTM.


This banking account is suited for you if:

  • You are seeking an account in which you will have very few transactions;
  • You want to make substantial savings while ensuring you have access to the funds anytime.

This banking account is not suited for you if :

  • You need to make numerous banking transactions during the month;
  • You will not require access to your capital in the short term. A deposit certificate would be best for your needs.


epostTM is a trademark of Canada Post Corporation

Legal notice

1. You will receive a bank statement only when you conduct more than five transactions since the last statement was printed.
2. You must sign up for epostTM to access your electronic statements.
3. Interest rate applicable on the portion of the balance exceeding the lower limit of the bracket. The Bank reserves the right to change interest rates and rate tiers without prior notice.
4. Fee schedule in force as of March 1, 2021. For further information about this service and banking fees, please refer to the My Money fee schedule guide.
5. Certain terms and conditions apply. The annual interest rate can be changed at any time. In order for interest to apply, the minimum balance required is $2,500. Simple interest is calculated on the minimum daily balance (which must be at least $2,500) and is paid monthly based on tiers. Laurentian Bank reserves the right to modify the annual interest rate by posting a general notice in each of its branches and in the Rates in effect section of its website. For more information on this product and banking rates, please consult the My Money guide on our website or at a branch.

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