What is refinancing?

Mortgage refinancing consists in borrowing against your home’s net value, meaning the difference between its actual value and the mortgage balance you need to pay off. This may enable you to reborrow up to 80% of its current market value to finance your projects.

An ideal solution if you want to:

  • Renovate your property
  • Purchase a secondary residence
  • Pay your children’s tuition
  • Consolidate your debts into a single loan

Three ways to refinance with the Homeowner’s Kit1

  1. Add a new mortgage loan

If your risk tolerance level is on the low side, you should opt for a fixed-rate mortgage, which will give you peace of mind for a set period, based on the term you choose.

However, if you tolerate risk well, a variable-rate mortgage could enable you to take advantage of rate cuts and save money.

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  1. Opt for a home equity line of credit

Money is readily available, without having to reapply for credit. This convenient option can provide you with plenty of flexibility.

  1. Increase the limit of your home equity line of credit

Give yourself some extra breathing room by extending your line of credit.

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APR: Annual percentage rate
LB: Laurentian Bank

Legal notes

1. Subject to credit approval. For information on the rates in effect, contact your advisor or call 1-800-252-1846 (toll free).