Is Réseau FADOQ encouraging me to spend more with a credit card?

With the reward-based program, the FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa cardholder collects points with each purchase. The benefit lies in the frequent use of the card to settle regular purchases, not its use as a credit tool. You can make the best of the card's advantages without incurring additional debt.

Why is the card reserved exclusively to FADOQ members?

As with other FADOQ Privilege Program agreements, the FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa card was negotiated in order to secure specific and exclusive advantages for FADOQ members. Non-members who wish to benefit from this program can take the necessary steps with Réseau FADOQ to become members. Afterwards, they may submit a new FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa card application using their FADOQ member number.

What should I do if I already have another reward-based credit card?

We recommend you redeem the points from your current reward program and switch to your new FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa card as soon as possible. In the meantime, you may use both cards responsibly in order to reach the average monthly purchase amount of $500 and become eligible for a free FADOQ membership renewal. In addition, you can transfer the balance from your other credit cards to your new FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa card and benefit from a promotional 2.99% rate for 9 months by using the Visa cheques received with your card or by ordering them by dialling 514-522-6345 or 1-888-823-7337.

May I have my name removed from the Laurentian Bank's marketing list?

Absolutely. The Bank is committed to upholding best marketing practices and respects the non-solicitation wishes of its clients. A member can be removed from our lists simply by contacting the Laurentian Bank.


What is my credit limit?

The credit limit is personalized and based on your reimbursement capacity.

How long do I have to settle my account balance?

You benefit from a 21-day grace period (from the date printed on your statement) to reimburse your account balance, interest-free.

What is the interest rate associated with the card?

  • 19.99% annually on purchases.
  • 21.99% on cash advances.
  • 2.99% on balance transfers for a period of 9 months after becoming a cardholder1.

Can I transfer the balance on my current credit card to my new FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa card?

Yes, you can transfer the balance from another credit card using Visa cheques. To order cheques, dial 514-522-6345 or 1-888-823-7337. A promotional interest of 2.99% applies for a period of 9 months upon becoming a cardholder. Visa Cheques must be issued within 50 days of the date indicated on the letter accompanying the card1.

Does the card include travel insurance or life insurance?

No, this card does not include travel insurance or life insurance.

Am I covered if I rent a car?

Yes, this card includes collision to a rental vehicle insurance (maximum of 48 days) when you settle the rental with your card.

Does my card include extended warranty on purchases?

No, this coverage is not included.

Can I withdraw funds from an automatic banking machine?

Yes. A 21.99% interest rate will apply upon withdrawing the funds.

How can I settle my account balance?

You can settle your account balance by mail, at a Laurentian Bank branch or by electronic payment from most financial institutions.


What about my FADOQ membership card?

Your current FADOQ membership card is still valid. If you become a FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa cardholder, you will have the option to stop using your current card. Upon renewal, you will not receive a new membership card since your Visa will serve as your only FADOQ membership card. Your member number and FADOQ Club number are embossed on the Visa card.

Will retailers recognize my FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa card and continue to offer me rebates?

Yes. All FADOQ Privilege program partners will be informed of the new card format and will continue to honour their rebate commitments.

When is my FADOQ renewal due?

Your current renewal date remains unchanged.

What will happen when renewing my FADOQ membership?

The renewal will be processed automatically. A $25 fee will be charged to your account and labelled "FADOQ membership". During the months preceding your renewal, if you charged an average monthly amount of $500 to your account, an automatic reimbursement of $25 will be posted to your account and labelled "FADOQ fee automatic reimbursement". Your FADOQ membership will thereby be free of charge for the following year.

How will I settle my annual membership fee?

You have nothing to do. It will be automatically charged to your Visa account.

My annual membership fee is less than $25 per year. Why does the FADOQ renewal fee cost $25?

The new FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa program give you access to many more perks, including a reward program and car rental insurance. In addition, your annual fee could be free if you charge an average monthly amount of $500 to your account.

May I redeem my reward points to settle my annual membership fee?

Points can be redeemed for gift cheques, merchandise and travel rebates, but cannot be used to settle your FADOQ renewal fee.


Is the online FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa card application process secure?

Absolutely. We use the latest encryption and authentication technologies. In addition, Laurentian Bank's anti-fraud protection and Visa's Zero Liability coverage protect you in case of unauthorized use of your card.

Is there paperwork to sign when applying for the card?

You have three application options: by phone, online or at a branch. An electronic signature is required online; we recognize a voice signature over the phone; and the usual signature is required when applying at a branch.

There is no Laurentian Bank branch where I live. May I still apply for a card?

Yes. You can apply directly by phone at 514-522-6345 or 1 888 823 7337, or online at
To apply for a FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa card, you must be a member of the Réseau FADOQ and have a 7-digit member number.

May I apply for a card at a branch?

Yes, you can apply for a card at a branch. We will ask you to produce valid membership evidence and your 7-digit member number.

I already have a Laurentian Bank credit card. May I apply for this new card?

Absolutely. If you're a Réseau FADOQ member, simply request a card from the Laurentian Bank.

Can my spouse apply for the card?

We can't issue more than one card for a FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa account because it serves as a FADOQ membership card. However, you spouse may apply for a card if he/she is also a member of Réseau FADOQ.

May I hold several FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa cards?

A FADOQ member cannot hold more than one FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa card.

How long does it take after the application to receive my FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa card?

Allow 7 to 10 days before receiving your card by mail.

Will my FADOQ Club know that I'm still a member with this credit card?

Yes, Réseau FADOQ will convey the information to your local section and your Club.

Will I continue to receive my Virage magazine?

Yes, you will retain all your rebates and privileges.

What's my Club name... I don't see it on the card?

You Club number is embossed on the card rather than the Club name. Your FADOQ Club number is the letter followed by three digits embossed on the lower left of the card.

What's the other number embossed on the card?

The seven digits following your Club number correspond to your FADOQ member number.

Who must I notify when changing addresses?

You should notify Réseau FADOQ and the Laurentian Bank.

Can a member be an AMI cardholder from one Club as well as a FADOQ Visa cardholder from another Club?

Yes. Your AMI card will not be affected.

Can I apply for a card if I'm expecting to receive my FADOQ member number soon?

You must already have and provide your FADOQ member number when applying for the card. You can apply once you receive your member number.


Must I have a savings account or a banking history with the Laurentian Bank to apply for the card?

No, the only condition is to be a Réseau FADOQ member.

Under what circumstances would refuse to grant me the card?

We will turn down your FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa card application if you no longer are a Réseau FADOQ member or if the credit check indicates that your repayment capacity does not meet our indebtedness control policy.


When would my FADOQ annual membership fee be free?

Your membership would be free if you charge an average monthly amount of $500 (or $6,000 per year) to your FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa account.

Am I obligated to charge a minimum monthly amount to my card?

No. Use the card as you see fit. Only the opportunity of obtaining a free FADOQ membership is subject to a minimum amount.


May I cancel my FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa card at any time?


Is the card subject to cancellation fees?

No, there are no such fees.

May I continue to be a FADOQ member if I cancel my FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa card?

Yes, you can remain a FADOQ member.

How can I cancel my FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa card?

Simply contact a Laurentian Bank Visa Customer Service representative by dialling the number printed on the back of your card.

May I cancel my FADOQ membership but retain my FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa card?

No. The FADOQ Gold Privilege Visa card is an advantage exclusive to Réseau FADOQ members. You may obtain another Laurentian Bank Visa card if you wish.