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Check your accounts and verify the balance on your Visa Business Laurentian Bank credit card or any other banking products anytime and as often as you want. It’s easy and convenient with LBCDirect electronic Banking Services! Once registered, you can, among other things, see your transactions history and make transfers from your different bank accounts1.

Securely manage your finances

The Laurentian Bank has deployed rigorous security features:

  • 128 bits encryption for Internet transactions;
  • Online session interruption after 10 minutes of inactivity;
  • Monitoring of unusual transactions.

And other measures to insure the confidentiality of your information 2.


LBCDirect Commercial Banking


It’s so easy to settle invoices online!

Don’t let your monthly bills pile up. The Laurentian Bank’s epost™ electronic billing service allows you to receive and pay your current bills online with your LBCDirect Internet Banking Services. You can even archive your paid invoices for a period of 7 years!

LBCDirect By phone By Internet At ABMs
Account balance verification x x x
Inter-account transfers x x x
INTERAC® e-Transfers   x  
Fund deposits and withdrawals     x
Delegate informational and/or transactional Access to your business representatitives   x  
Invoice consultation   x  
Invoice payment x x x
Government remittances3   x  
Verification of your credit card and credit line balances x x x
Verification of your mortgage loan, commercial loan and other investment product balances   x  
Account transaction history x x  
Laurentian Bank Visa credit card account transaction history   x  
Transaction history download to your financial management software application (Quicken, Money)    x  
Available 24/7 x x x
International access to your accounts x x x

The LBCDirect Electronic Banking Services are:

  • Accessible through Internet, by phone or through our ABM network, 24/7;
  • User-friendly;
  • And last but not least, secure!
  • Fees of $6.95 per month, free with our Business banking plans.

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2. Please see our Security and Privacy policy to find out more on this.
3. Discover all the details about using tax filings and payments service.