LBCDirect by phone
LBCDirect By phone By Internet At ABMs
Account balance verification x x x
Inter-account transfers x x x
INTERAC® e-Transfers   x  
Fund deposits and withdrawals     x
Delegate informational and/or transactional Access to your business representatitives   x  
Invoice consultation   x  
Invoice payment x x x
Government remittances2   x  
Verification of your credit card and credit line balances x x x
Verification of your mortgage loan, commercial loan and other investment product balances   x  
Account transaction history x x  
Laurentian Bank Visa credit card account transaction history   x  
Transaction history download to your financial management software application (Quicken, Money)    x  
Available 24/7 x x x
International access to your accounts x x x

The LBCDirect Electronic Banking Services are:

  • Accessible through Internet, by phone or through our ABM network, 24/7;
  • User-friendly;
  • And last but not least, secure!
  • Fees of $6.95 per month, free with our Business banking plans.

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