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Laurentian Bank Visa Business Crevier

Optimize your expenses!

The Laurentian Bank Visa* Business Crevier1 card offers advantages well beyond those of a regular credit facility. Profitability is its trademark. Get a cashback (up to 2.75 ¢ / litre of gas) on all gas purchases charged to your account when filling up at Pétroles Crevier Inc. retailers.  The more litres of gas purchased during the month, the higher the cashback ratio from Pétroles Crevier Inc.

The Laurentian Bank Visa Business Crevier card is the key to all of your business expenses.

Unparalleled control of your business expenses!

One of the longest payment terms in the industry on new charges

Benefit from 28-day payment term on new charges from the date your account statement is mailed.

Yearly management report

Easily monitor your expenses, manage cash flows and control expenses. Receive a detailed report sorted by purchase category.

One single account for one or multiple cards, depending on company needs

Split the account’s overall credit limit between several Laurentian Bank Visa Business Crevier credit cards and group them under a single account for added flexibility.

Very profitable

Receive two forms of cashbacks. Save by making a habit of filling up at any Pétroles Crevier Inc. retailer and paying with your Laurentian Bank Visa  Business Crevier card.  In addition, get a 0.75% monthly cashback on all purchases charged to your Laurentian Bank Visa  Business Crevier account.

1- Pétroles Crevier Inc. cashback2 credited monthly to the same account, on all gas purchases at Pétroles Crevier Inc. retailers charged to your Laurentian Bank Visa Business Crevier account.

2- 0.75% cashback3 credited monthly to your account for every dollar charged to your Laurentian Bank Visa Business Crevier card on expenses such as gas, restaurants, etc.

Pétroles Crevier Inc. cashback
Monthly purchases Volume in litres of gas ¢ cashback/litre of gas
250 to 499 0.50 ¢/litre
500 to 749 1.00 ¢/litre
750 to 999 1.25 ¢/litre
1 000 to 1 249 1.50 ¢/litre
1 250 to 1 499 1.75 ¢/litre
1 500 to 1 999 2.00 ¢/litre
2 000 to 2 499 2.25 ¢/litre
2 500 to 2 999 2.50 ¢/litre
3 000 and more 2.75 ¢/litre
N.B. A minimum purchase of 250 litres is required to be eligible for the cashback.
Example of savings that can be generated
Monthly 1- 0.75% cashback on all purchases
Purchase $1,500 $3,500 $5,750 $9,000
Cashback $11.25 $26.25 $43.13 $67.50
2- Pétroles Crevier Inc. cashback on gas purchases
Purchase 500 L 1 000 L 2 000 L 4 000 L
Cashback $5.00 $15.00 $45.00 $110.00
Total cashback $16.25 $41.25 $88.13 $177.50
Example of savings

Find a Pétroles Crevier inc. retailer

Advantages of the Laurentian Bank Visa Business Crevier card

Pétroles Crevier Inc. cashback on gas purchases throughout Pétroles Crevier Inc. network, based on the monthly volume in litres


0.75% cashback on all merchandise and services charged to the account


28 days: among the longest payment terms on new charges for a business credit card


Accepted everywhere Visa is available


Yearly management report categorized by expense and by card


Monthly fee of $6.  Reimbursement of $3/month when a gas transaction from Pétroles Crevier Inc. is charged to the account during the month.4


Credit card's documentation

Apply today for a Laurentian Bank Visa Business Crevier card5. Contact your branch advisor, your Account Manager, or dial 1-877-522-3863 (toll free) for more information.


*Trademark of Visa Int., used under license.

Legal notice

1. Annual interest rate of 19.99%.
2. The cashback on gas purchases is subject to a minimum monthly purchase of 250 litres of gas at Pétroles Crevier Inc. retailers, as outlined in the table herein detailing the cashback ratio corresponding to the purchased volume. Cashbacks are credited monthly to the Laurentian Bank Visa Business Crevier account.
3. The 0.75% cashback offered by the Laurentian Bank of Canada is applicable to all purchases charged to the account, including gas. Cash advances, Visa cheques, account fees (including monthly fees, NSF fees, etc.), balance transfers, automated banking machine transactions and all account credits are not considered qualifying purchases. Some conditions apply. For details, call 514-252-1846, toll-free 1-800-252-1846.
4. The $72 annual fee is payable on a monthly basis at the rate of $6 per month. This fee is charged on the first day of your billing cycle.  However, half the fee ($3) will be automatically reimbursed for all cards linked to the account when making at least one gas purchase at a Pétroles Crevier Inc. retailer during the billing cycle.  Please note that cash advances, Visacheques, fees, balance transfers, transactions conducted at automated banking machines, cash advances via Internet and all credits on the account do not qualify as purchases. These fees are effective August 1st, 2015 and may be modified upon 30 days notice.
5. Some conditions apply. Subject to credit approval by the Bank.