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VISA Offer

Apply for your Visa DOLLARS card!
Reward yourself with cashback + receive a $50 welcome cash bonus*

  • Up to 3% cashback on all your purchases1
  • 3% on your preauthorized payments (telephone, cable TV, internet, newspaper...)
  • 2% on your groceries and gas

As soon as you reach $25, you can collect your cashback in a few clicks or by phone.

  • 90-day purchase insurance and extended warranty2
  • Annual fee: $493
  • No fee for an additional card3
  • Interest rates : 19.99% on purchases and 21.99% on balance transfers and cash advance
  • 1.99% promotional interest rate for 9 months on balance transfers4

™ VISA Int. / Laurentian Bank of Canada, licensed user

*Eligibility requirements: subject to credit approval by Laurentian Bank. This promotional offer is valid from March 2, 2015, to August 31, 2015. This offer is not valid if the client has no paid employment or retirement income other than that provided by a government body or has been involved in bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings. Please read the credit terms and conditions applicable to the card on the form. New cardholders must activate their card and make at least $500 in purchases within 50 days of the date on the letter accompanying their card in order to take advantage of the $50 cashback. Cash advances, fees (including annual or monthly fees, NSF cheque fees, etc.), Visa cheque transactions, balance transfers and ABM transactions are not deemed eligible purchases. If the cardholder is eligible for this promotional offer, the cashback will appear on the account statement 60 days after the Laurentian Bank Visa account is opened. When this cashback is issued, the account must be open and in good standing (i.e. no late payments and the credit limit must not be exceeded). Use of the card constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this offer. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. The Bank reserves the right to change or terminate this promotional offer at any time without notice.
1. Cashbacks are awarded as follows: 3% on recurring payments; 2% on purchases from merchants registered with VISA Inc. as grocery stores and supermarkets, service stations (with service or self-serve) or automated fuel dispensers and 1% on all other qualifying net purchases charged to your VISA account. The cashback will be posted to your Dollars credits account.
2. Merchandise paid with the card is covered against theft or accidental damage for 90 days after purchase. Subject to the conditions of each product. Some conditions apply.
3. Subject to change. The fees are non reimbursable.
4. Some conditions apply. All balance transfers performed under this promotion will be processed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement governing the use of your Laurentian Bank Visa card. The balance transfer will be performed provided your Laurentian Bank Visa account is in good standing under the terms and conditions of the Agreement and the amount of the transfer does not exceed your available credit limit. The 1.99% promotional interest rate applies only to balance transfers completed within the first 50 days following the date printed on the card carrier that you received with your new Visa credit card, for a period of 9 months as of the date the balance transfer is posted to the account. A minimum amount of $400 must be transferred to the account in order to take advantage of this promotional rate. A fee of 1% per amount transferred will be applied to your Laurentian Bank Visa account on the account statement following the acceptance of the transfer by the Bank. The daily interest will be calculated from the moment the balance or balances is/are transferred and posted to your Visa account. At the end of the promotional period, the regular rate in effect for cash advances (21.99%) will be applied to the remaining balance. This rate is subject to change by the Bank. The promotional rate will be cancelled if your minimum payment is not made by the due date shown on your account statement or if you do not meet all the conditions set forth in the Agreement. In such an event, the promotional rate will be replaced by the regular interest rate in effect for cash advances (21.99%) commencing on the first day of the following billing period. Balance transfers may be made only from Canadian banking institutions and may not be used to pay the balance for another Laurentian Bank product. The promotional rate applies only to the amount of the transfer or transfers and for the stated term. During the promotional period, transactions posted to your Visa account shall be subject to the regular interest rate.