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My Family

Have you found love with a capital L? Have you just moved in with your spouse and are you already picturing yourselves with a baby? Hold on to your hat, the fun is just getting started!

It is time to reassess your priorities and plan your family budget. Our budget tables will help you draw up your new budget.

Once you have drawn up your budget, the fog will clear and you'll be ready to:

Small Management Tip
: Open a "joint account." By sharing a banking plan, your life will be easier and you will lower your service charges. Also, think about adding overdraft protection to avoid having cheques or automatic withdrawals bounce.

How to Save More with Baby on the Way

Childbirth is an intense event. Before, during, and after. To help make your experience more enjoyable, the Commission des normes du travail (Québec’s labour standards commission) grants you parental leave. Certain specific situations even pave the way for government financial assistance.

However, this assistance, if applicable, is often quite limited. We can offer you a panoply of financing tools to help you make your dreams come true, respect your obligations and ensure your family's well-being. 

Discover all the bank financing tools at your family's disposal >>>

Legal notice

1. Administrative fees may apply to registered accounts; however, no fee will be charged for portfolios of $25,000 or more, or portfolios comprised of guaranteed investment certificates only.

Your next steps
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