Achieving Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Laurentian Bank Group*. That is why we have put in place mechanisms to receive your comments on our policies and service quality, and to respond promptly when there is a problem that requires us to take corrective action.

Ideally, problems should be resolved directly between the parties concerned, but that is not always possible. For those situations, the Bank has created the Customer Inquiries team to ensure customer experience, provide assistance to customers upon request, and to communicate, when necessary, with the authorities concerned.

Laurentian Bank Group* is committed to several voluntary banking industry codes designed to protect consumers, and which describe the rights and responsibilities of the banks and their clients.

If you have comments or complaints about our services, fees or handling of personal information, we suggest you follow the steps in the following sections:

*The name Laurentian Bank Group includes the following entities: Laurentian Bank of Canada, Laurentian Bank Trust, B2B Trust, LBC Trust, LBC Financial Services, Laurentian Bank Securities.