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The Business Current Account

Our business current account is an account established under your company name. It allows you to conduct your daily business transactions: deposits, payments and transfers, drawing cheques, etc. All your banking can be done at your total convenience through LBCDirect, our digital platform1.

We offer accounts in Canadian and U.S. currencies to allow you to optimize the management of your payments and general cash flow. We also offer different fee options and interest rates based on your account characteristics.


  • Unlimited access to information about your account balance and transactions
  • One free2 transaction for every $1,250 of the monthly minimum balance of your account
  • Transfer of funds between your LBC accounts
  • Payment of invoices and download of your account statement or transactions
  • Free debit card
  • Monthly paper or electronic statement3
  • Access to LBC automated banking machines for deposits, withdrawals, transfers and bill payments
  • Tax filings and payments



The maximum hold period on deposits is 5 business days, regardless of the amount deposited. Refer to the My Transaction Tools brochure for more details.

Legal notice

  1. Fees of $6.95 per month, free with one of our Business packages.
  2. Transaction value of $1.25.
  3. If your enterprise receives a paper statement with remitted cheques each month, you can visualize your monthly transactions by selecting historical transactions in LBCDirect.