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The 24h Deposit Box

The 24h Deposit Box1,2 is a safe, practical solution for making business deposits8 at any time, day or night.3

You can rely on this service to deposit instruments in Canadian or American dollars in your CAD or USD account:

  • Rolled coins4
  • Bank notes4
  • Cheques

Do you have foreign-denominated cheques to deposit?

The 24h Deposit Box can also be used to deposit cheques in euros or US dollars in your Canadian dollar account.

+ How does it work?

  • Complete slip 2046B, which is also available at your branch.
  • Insert the deposit and the duly completed slip in a SECUR-PAK™ bag.5

It will be processed on the business day following the date of deposit, unless otherwise indicated. Ask about the terms of service at your branch or Business Centre.

+ Applicable fee (after the first year of free membership)

Annual fee

Other fees

  • Disposable Secur-PakTM bags: $25 for 50 bags1
  • Spare key:7 $14 per additional key
  • Account transaction fee (based on your package)1

For complete details, please refer to the My Transactional Tools guide.




SECUR-PAKTM is a registered trademark of Nelmar Security Packaging Systems, used under licence.

Legal notice

1. Registration required to use the 24h Deposit Box. Please ask about the service’s terms and availability at your branch or Business Centre. For complete details, please refer to the My Transaction Tools guide.
2. All deposits made in a 24h Deposit Box are subject to the holdback policy and acceptance regulations in effect. Based on the client’s personalized rating. Held up to five days for a deposit in Canadian dollars. Otherwise, see the My Transactional Tools guide.
3. The deposit box in the Promenades St-Bruno mall is accessible during its business hours.
4. Note that a fee applies to any transaction beyond those included in your plan. Please refer to the My Transactional Tools guide for complete details. In keeping with the Currency Act, Laurentian Bank (hereinafter, the “Bank”) reserves the right to refuse coins that are not deposited in rolls.
5. The Bank is authorized to open the bag and remove the deposit. The bag must contain a deposit slip describing the entire contents.
6. The Bank reserves the right to overdraw the account if funds are insufficient at the time the annual fee for this service is charged. Service cancellation: The refund amount will be calculated in proportion to the number of months completed, up to a maximum of six months.
7. The Bank owns the deposit boxes and their respective keys.
8. The 24h Deposit Box is a service exclusively offered to business clients, excepted individuals operating a sole proprietorship.