My Pharmacy, My Achievement

Your business partner
Your pharmacy. It’s the heart of your professional life. That’s why you’re determined to make it succeed at the height of your ambitions. And, preferably, without any side effects. Not for your practice or your personal life. Do you have the will to succeed? Then go for it! We’ll be there with you to make it happen.

At Laurentian Bank, when we support you in your efforts, you get a full dose of our expertise. Whether you need financial advice, management tools or business solutions, we have no shortage of resources to help you realize your plans.

We're ready to do more to grow with you
Our specialized services have been designed with two goals in mind: to maximize your business and maximize your success. To do so, we take great care of your financial well-being. We offer an approach that’s dynamic, proactive, humane and innovative. The formula is simple: the more we do, the more you’ll have the means to go further. Are you ready?

Our commercial banking products and services have been designed to make your task easier. Both effective and innovative, they meet all the transactional needs associated with the operation of your pharmacy. The way you expect. Simply. Efficiently.

Benefits of doing business with our team

  • An expertise adapted to businesses
  • Account managers who are available to guide your efforts and help you make the right choices
  • Flexible financing solutions tailored to your needs
  • An attentive team, always ready to act promptly

Financing solutions
Getting the financing you need is no small task. However, funds are always available where proper planning, motivated leadership and commitment are involved. In such cases, anything’s possible. Open your own pharmacy. Expand your business. Acquire an existing pharmacy. Set up a partnership with a pharmacist. Buy a commercial property or state-of-the-art equipment. Make all of your dreams a reality.

We have several financing solutions to optimize your business and simplify its management. For the short term. For the long term. And always suited to your needs.

Type Solutions Uses

Short-term financing

Line of credit

  • Purchase of medication
  • Purchase of supplies and other merchandise
  • Payment of accounts payable
  • Settlement of various operating expenses
  • Operational needs

Long-term financing

Term loan -
Purchase of equipment

  • Replacement or modernization of equipment
  • Improvements in productivity from new

Term loan -
Purchase of goodwill

  • Acquisition of a pharmacy
  • Partnership with another pharmacist

Term loan -
Purchase of a building or land

  • Purchase of a building for expansion or relocation
  • Opening of a new branch
  • Purchase of land for new construction

Term loan -
Leasehold improvements

  • Modernization of facilities
  • Renovation of existing facilities for an expansion

The conditions associated with each solution depend on its use. For the main solutions, rates will be determined based on the value of your collateral, the financial health of your pharmacy and its growth potential. Loan capital will be reimbursed according to a term tied to the useful life of the goods you acquire.

Opening your own pharmacy and making it prosper is a rewarding experience, even more so when you can count on a dependable and committed partner to guide and support you.

At Laurentian Bank, we’ve known this for a long time. Give yourself the right tools to practise your profession with passion for as long as you like. We’ll always be ready to help you toward a bright and healthy future.

We’re ready to do more!

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