On February 1, 2021, Laurentian Bank of Canada stopped offering FADOQ Privilege program products.

However, if you currently hold one or more of these products, their features remain unchanged1, and you can continue to enjoy the many benefits they provide you on a daily basis.

1. With the exception of the following FADOQ benefits: the free renewal of your Réseau FADOQ membership and the $5 discount on the FADOQ membership fee, which apply to the FADOQ GOLD Privilege Visa* card and will cease as of March 2021 with your next billing period.


The FADOQ Privilege program has your interests at heart!

The FADOQ network and Laurentian Bank are attentive to your needs and have co-developed an exclusive program that offers financial benefits tailored to your situation.

We understand the importance you place at this stage of your life on securing your assets and maximizing the return on every dollar you have.

That's why we enhance our program regularly to offer you services that better meet your expectations.

Take advantage of everything the FADOQ Privilege program has to offer today.

Laurentian Bank: at the service of FADOQ members

Founded in 1846, Laurentian Bank is a Quebec financial institution known for its excellent service, simplicity and proximity. With its network of 81 branches and 2 dedicated advisory points of service, it pursues its unfailing commitment to providing its clients with the utmost in quality service.