Wire Transfer

Need to make a transfer of funds in Canada, to or from the United States or elsewhere in the world?

A wire transfer allows you to receive funds from anywhere in the world into your Laurentian Bank account, or to make a transfer of funds from your account to another financial institution securely and efficiently.


  • A wire transfer is the quickest way of transferring funds abroad
  • Offers access to a practical and secure means of payment
  • Eliminates the costs associated with ordering and preparing cheques and other documents


  • Wire transfers in Canada can be carried out on the same day if the funds are in Canadian dollars, or on the following working day in the case of other currency
  • Wire transfers to the United States can take 1-3 working days to complete
  • Transfers to other countries can take 2-15 working days

The following information is required to make a wire transfer:

  1. Name, address and account number of the beneficiary
  2. Bank (transit) and account numbers of the recipient, as well as this Bank’s name and address
  3. The recipient Bank’s S.W.I.F.T. code
  4. Details about the reason for payment

Except for wire transfers made to Canada and the United States, please note that the IBAN1 code of the beneficiary must absolutely be provided to make a wire transfer.

The fees associated with Laurentian Bank’s wire transfer service are as follows2:

  • Min. of $20 for a wire transfer in Canadian funds
  • Min. of $30 for a wire transfer in another currency (fees to be converted in $US if the funds are debited from a $US account)
  • $15 if received from another financial institution

Would you like to ask your suppliers or customers to send you wired transfers? Please refer to the frequently asked questions under this section.

Legal notice

1. The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) code is an international bank account numbering system that allows for the precise identification of bank accounts and institutions, which facilitates wire transfers.
2. For more details concerning the fees associated with the wire transfer service, please refer to the frequently asked questions section, under How do I make an international transfer from the Laurentian Bank to another institution.