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Bank Client Card

1.What is a Client Card?

It’s a plastic card with a magnetic band that allows you to make transactions at ABMs and to pay for merchandise directly at the merchant’s.

2.How can I get a Client Card?

A card is remitted to you upon opening an account at a Laurentian Bank branch office.

3.What’s a PIN?

The personal identification number (PIN) is comprised of 4 to 8 numbers chosen by the Client Card holder. Only the PIN linked to the Client Card will give access to the accounts and allow transactions.

4.How do I choose my PIN and when should I change it?

Choose a PIN that is not related to any personal information (avoid selecting your birthday, your SIN, your address or phone number). Change your PIN as soon as you suspect someone knows it.

5.Is it possible to change my PIN without changing my Client Card?

Yes, you can modify your PIN by visiting your local Laurentian Bank branch with your Client Card in hand. You may also change it at a Laurentian Bank ABM (this option is available only on certain models of ABMs).

6.How can I protect by Client Card and my PIN?

Never lend your card to anyone. Keep your card within sight during a transaction and store it in a safe place when you are not using it. Never disclose your PIN to anyone. Memorize your it — do not write it anywhere; especially not on your Client Card. When you’re entering your PIN, at an ABM or sales terminal, shield the keyboard with your hand or body.

7.How can thieves get hold of someone’s PIN?

Debit card fraud happens when a criminal gains access to your Client Card information and your PIN. Your Client Card is useless without the PIN. Therefore, if your card is lost, stolen or copied the criminal still needs to discover your PIN.

In certain fraud cases, the customer will presents his/her card to the merchant, who in turn swipes it in a hidden device designed to read the information found on the magnetic band in order to copy the card. During the transaction, a camera films the customer while he/she is entering the PIN. The same may happen at an ABM when a “dummy” keyboard is installed over the regular one. Once again, a hidden camera is used to film the customer typing the PIN.

Currently, the most common form of fraud practiced by criminals is to simply look over your shoulder while you’re typing your PIN and then rob your Client Card.

8.How many accounts can be linked to my Client Card?

Only one account may be tied to a Client Card. Accounts sharing the same suffix can be accessed with the same Client Card. All types of accounts are eligible, except for the Day by Day Interest Plus US Account and the Periodic Savings and Investment Plan.

9.What should I do if my Client Card is demagnetized?

Your card may still work, however it will be difficult to scan when swiped. You will need to replace your Client Card at a Laurentian Bank branch.

10.What should I do if my Client Card is either lost or stolen?

As soon as you notice that you don’t have your Client Card (lost, stolen or held by the ABM), immediately contact the Laurentian Bank by telephone at 514-522 1846 or 1 800-522 1846. In the case of a robbery, contact the police immediately.

You will be required to pick up your new card in person at your branch. for security purposes, you must show two identification documents (one with a picture) and a new debit card will be issued to you immediately.

11.How do I go about detecting signs of fraud?

Regularly check your statements to ensure that all transactions are correctly recorded. Should you notice discrepancies, please contact the Laurentian Bank immediately at 514 522 1846 or 1 800-522 1846.

12.Is it possible for an individual to get my Client Card and gain access to my bank accounts?

Your Client Card and your PIN are key to your bank account; one cannot go without the other. However, you can avoid opening the door to identity theft with these simple measures:

  • Never voluntarily disclose your PIN, do not write it on your Client Card or keep it anywhere near the card;
  • Notify the Bank promptly (within a reasonable delay) if your Client Card is lost, stolen or misused or if you suspect a third party is in possession of your PIN.

13.What type of personal information is stored on the magnetic band of my Client Card?

The only personal information stored on your Client Card’s magnetic band is the number of the card as well as the language set for the card. The magnetic band does not contain your personal identification number (PIN) nor does it store personal information (address, account number, etc.).

14.Am I covered for losses incurred as a result of fraud?

If you are a confirmed fraud victim and if you fulfilled your obligations under the Agreement governing the use of automated banking services of the Laurentian Bank, you will not be held responsible for losses arising from that fraud. For more information, we recommend you read the terms of the Agreement that was given to you along with your Client Card.

15.What steps are taken by Laurentian Bank to guarantee the security of my Client Card?

The Laurentian Bank has set up sophisticated security and detection systems and has specialized security and detection teams in the field of electronic fraud to protect you. The Bank works closely with the police and other groups such as the Interac Association and the ABM and POS makers in order to secure the debit card payment system.

16.What are the available transactions?

Different transactional options are available with the use of the Client Card: deposit, withdrawal, invoice payment, balance information and partial statement print-out. Some restrictions apply to accounts carrying two signatures and to commercial accounts.

17.Where can I use my Client Card?

You can use your Client Card at any Laurentian Bank ABM. You withdraw funds at any ABM in Canada showing the Interac logo. You can also use your Client Card to make purchases at merchants’ in Canada who accept the Interac Direct Payment (POS debit).

18.Is it possible to make some transactions at ABMs outside of Canada?

The Laurentian Bank Client Card is accepted worldwide and in the US at ABMs with the Plus System logo.

19.Is it possible to use the card at POS terminals outside Canada?

As far as points of sale, the Client Card is not yet accepted outside Canada.

20.How do I go about correcting a transaction error recorded by an automatic banking machine?

If you notice a transaction error from an AMB, dial 1 877 522-3863 to communicate with your branch.