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Bill C-86

1.What is Bill C-86?

The Federal government has introduced a new Financial Consumer Protection Framework (the “Framework”) to the Bank Act, supported by new regulations.

2.How does the Financial Consumer Protection Framework affect me?

The provisions of the Framework are meant to protect all consumers. These provisions may be relevant to the accounts and services you have with us. Some of our existing account agreements have been updated to reflect the new Framework.

3.What are the changes under the Financial Consumer Protection Framework?
  1. e-Alerts for personal deposit and credit accounts

    If you have provided us with your email address, you will begin receiving electronic alerts (“e-Alerts”). You will receive an alert when the available credit in your personal line(s) of credit or your home equity line(s) of credit is less than $100 or the balance in your personal deposit account(s) is less than $100. These alerts are intended to help you better manage your money and avoid potential fees. 

  2. Complaint resolution

    We have updated our complaint handling process to improve how we address your concerns. The process is outlined in our updated Complaint Resolution Brochure, which will be at your branch, or on our website in the coming weeks.

4.How do I set a different limit for my e-Alerts?

If you wish to set an amount for your alert, contact us at 1 800 252 1846.

5.How do I opt out of e-Alerts?

If you do not wish to receive alerts, choose “unsubscribe” in the e-Alert email.