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From ambition to reality.

Whether you’re paying for school, buying a house or starting a business, no goal is too big or too small. We have a full range of financing options and expert advice to help put a plan in action. Find out how we can help.

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Our personal financing options.

Personalized financial solutions at Laurentian Bank can help you with any project or goal, whether planning your dream vacation, renovating your home or consolidating debt. Explore your ambition. Take advantage of our unique financing options.

Credit cards

Find out which Laurentian Bank credit card is right for you.

Personal line of credit

Get a low-rate, flexible personal line of credit to meet your financial needs.

Personal line of credit insurance

Credit insurance that gives you peace of mind.

Personal loan

Take that dream vacation or check off that project on your list with a personal loan.

Loan insurance

Coverage that works for you in the event of illness, injury or death.


Enjoy credit card insurance, advice, and health and wellness assistance all in one awesome service.

For your studies.

Your education is a priority, as are your finances. We offer student products that let you focus on academic success while also helping you make the right financial decisions for a brighter future. Check out your student loan options.

Student loan

Take advantage of provincial programs and our financial services to minimize your workload.

Student line of credit

A student line of credit that gives you the freedom to borrow what you need while staying focused on your studies.

Student credit cards

Track your spending and enjoy all the rewards of a Visa* Reward Me for students credit card.

RRSP financing.

RRSP loans let you maximize your RRSP contribution and take full advantage of tax benefits today, so you can retire sooner than you think. Laurentian Bank offers powerful RRSP financial strategies for boosting your RRSP contributions and building a strong retirement portfolio. To learn how to reach your retirement goals, check out the following RRSP options.

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RRSP loan

Get an RRSP loan so you can take advantage of your maximum RRSP contribution limits and invest for your future.

Loan insurance

Coverage that works for you in the event of illness, injury, or death.

RRSP line of credit

Convenient RRSP borrowing, so you'll never miss another deadline.

RRSP line of credit insurance

Credit insurance that gives you peace of mind.

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Power of attorney.

Ensure the security of your finances and personal decisions with the person you trust. Appoint a power of attorney today.