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My Property Transfer

At last the day has arrived when you finally achieve your goal: to take possession of your new home. Just four more steps to complete and the keys are yours. All you’ll have left to do is celebrate and move in! (Or vice-versa.)

  1. Down payment and disbursements
    • You must turn these over to your notary. The disbursements include legal and registration fees, municipal tax adjustments and other related expenses.
  2. Breakdown of the mortgage loan
    • We’ll take care of sending this to the notary.
  3. Signing the deeds of loan and sale
    • Your notary will verify the validity of the titles and prepare the necessary documents for you to sign.
  4. Registration of your property
    • Your notary or lawyer (for Ontario residents) will register the property in your name, will pay the vendor and will finally hand over the deeds.

Now that you’re a homeowner, what's next? The answer is obvious: enjoy your new nest. But don’t forget to think about your future!
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Your next steps
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