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My Tools

Owning a home means constantly managing a million little details… mortgage payments, municipal taxes, everyday spending, unforeseen expenses and whatever else comes up. Does all this stress you out? We have a range of tools to help simplify your life.

Insuring My Home and Putting My Mind at Ease

Why risk your home when you can insure it for as little as $15.691 a week? 

Let’s be clear, this is another expense, but if you were ever to suffer misfortune, you could keep your home. By subscribing to mortgage loan insurance2 (or mortgage credit insurance), you or your loved ones will be able to meet your obligations with complete peace of mind in the event of a critical illness or death.

In the event of disability, the insurer will cover your payments. In the even of death, the insurer will pay the balance of your mortgage.

We’re not trying to twist your arm, but given the financial commitment, we believe it would be prudent to be insured. All the more so when you amortize your protection over several years.

Discuss it with your advisor. Integrating your insurance premium into the amount of your monthly payment can make your life even easier. 

Setting Up Automatic Payments

Fed up with managing accounts and payments? Opt for the most practical solution: automatic mode! 

Take your taxes for instance. We add a monthly amount to your mortgage payments and credit it to a separate account. Once a year, we pay what you owe to the municipality on the due date. For free. How cool is that?

My Super Statement

Our Super Statement gives you a global picture of your finances with us. A complete overview of your transactions in a single document that is mailed to you every month, every three months, every six months or once a year. Plus, it’s free with most of our banking plans. 

My Selling Options

What happens to your mortgage if you sell your house? You can move it, or transfer it.

My Mortgage is Transportable

You've grown attached to your mortgage loan and its terms? You can't imagine replacing it with another 

Thanks to the inter-property transfer, you can bring along your loan and all its current terms with you to your new home!

My Mortgage is Transferable

You adore your mortgage but you’re ready to sacrifice it to make your new home that much more attractive? One sure-fire way to attract potential buyers is to let the new owner enjoy all the advantages of your mortgage. We'll transfer it over in no time at all. 

To find out more about our services, contact an advisor at 1-877-522-3863 or come by one of our branches.


Legal notice

1. Example based on a $125,000 mortgage at a 6.5% interest rate amortized over 300 months. The weekly premium includes taxes and is calculated based on two subscribers to the life insurance and the critical illness insurance who are between 31 and 35 years old.
2. Subject to approval by the insurer,
Industrial Alliance.

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