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Government Assistance for Families

The Government of Quebec's parental plans can benefit mom, dad or both parents. For example, it covers up to 50 weeks of benefits: 18 weeks of maternity benefits for mom only and 32 weeks of parental benefits that mom and dad can share as they see fit.

For more information, call the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan at 1-888-610-7727.

Basic Parental Benefit Plans1
Plan Beneficiaries Maximum Number of Benefit Weeks Percentage of Average Weekly Income
Maternity Mom only 18 70%
Paternity Dad only 5 70%
Parental Mom or dad (weeks shared) 32

70% (7 weeks)
55% (25 weeks)

Adoption Mom or dad (weeks shared) 37 70% (12 weeks)
55% (25 weeks)

Special Financial Assistance

Under some special circumstances, you could be eligible for special assistance.

Special Government Financial Assistance1
  Assistance for Parents of Triplets or Quadruplets Tax Credit for Adoption Expenses
  • For mothers only
  • Must have given birth to triplets, quadruplets, etc.
  • Valid for one of the parents
  • Must have adopted one or more children that year
  • Must have paid adoption fees that give right to the credit
  • Must apply for the credit no later than one year after the date of adoption
For More Information or an Application Form Call the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec at 1-800-707-3380 Call Revenu Québec at 1-800-267-6299


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1. Source: Becoming a Parent published by Services Québec

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