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RRSP Maxi-Loan

No RRSP contributions for a year could mean hundreds of dollars less come retirement! Perhaps you wish to apply for an RRSP loan but feel uncomfortable with repayment of the principal and interest at a specific date?

What should you do?
There is always a solution! The Maxi-RRSP loan is a financing product that will allow you to maximize your RRSP contributions while offering you a grace period to reimburse the principal and interests at a given date.

Why use a Maxi-RRSP loan?

When cash is short to contribute to your RRSP, the RRSP loan is your way of saying hello to income tax returns. Being strapped for cash is no reason not to contribute the maximum to your RRSP every year. In addition to maximizing your retirement income, the contribution will also be repaid in part using the tax return. Your retirement income will be all the more comfortable thanks to the extra amount that your loan will have allowed you to contribute.

Minimum and maximum amounts
  • Minimum amount: $1,500
  • Maximum amount: RRSP contribution limit determined yearly by the
Interest rate
  • Attractive interest rate can fixed or variable.
  • The interest rate varies according to the amount on loan and the
    amortization period.
Terms Talk to your advisor to find out more about your options.
Repayment terms
  • Predetermined lump-sum repayment of principal and interests.


This financing product is suited for you if:

  • You want to max out your RRSP contribution or your unused RRSP contribution room and need some financing to do so;
  • You want peace of mind come retirement;
  • You wish to invest an additional amount in your RRSP.

This financing product is not suited for you if:

  • You are not disciplined in your debt reimbursements.

* Some restrictions may apply. Please read your cost of borrowing declaration and your contract provided when opening of your Maxi-RRSP loan.