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My Future

My Studies

These days, it's harder than ever to make it without a degree. Attending CÉGEP, university or trade school is a sure-fire way to up your chances of success.

This section proposes financing solutions adapted to students' needs along with lots of tips to help you hone your skills.

  • Choosing and opening your bank account
  • Obtaining financing
  • Obtaining and managing a loan or bursary
  • Finding a student job

My Savings

The best way to save is to draw up a Periodic Savings and Investment Plan that you can contribute to at regular intervals. If you are feeling a little adventurous, you might even take it one step further. Let us show you how.

This section will help you achieve your savings objectives to finance your projects and increase the value of your estate.

  • Drawing up your Periodic Savings and Investment Plan
  • Choosing the most lucrative investments
  • Tax advantages according to investment
  • Services that let you play the stock market

My Retirement

Will you have enough money when you retire? To be sure, you have to plan carefully, and the sooner the better. Come discuss it with us, we can help.

This section has all kinds of information and tools to help you make sure your golden years are golden and that you take full advantage of your reward.

  • How to guarantee peace of mind
  • Investments that correspond to your goals
  • Government assistance you can count on
  • How to calculate your income and retirement expenses

Investment Products

Start investing in your future today. The more you save and the earlier you invest, the richer you'll be. We offer many financial tools to give substance to your ambitions.

Thanks to our financial products and savings plans, enjoying your future is something you can count on.

  • Financial products that best meet your needs
  • The potential risks and return for each type of investment
  • How to pay less tax on your income
Your next steps
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