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Good advice

Because your financial health matters to us, we'd like to offer you some financial tips. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned investor, our advisors are here to help you reach your financial goals by providing advice tailored to your needs:

Tip n°3 - Don't underestimate the power of saving a little over the long run.
As the saying goes: Watch the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.

Tip n°4 - Diversification is a smart strategy when it comes to investing.
It isn’t so much about allocating assets to various banks, but rather varying the types of investments you make. That’s what will make the difference.

Tip n°7 - Planning for retirement is the best way to reach your goals.
It’s never too late to start contributing to a retirement plan. Small amounts invested earlier will yield more than large amounts invested later.

Tip n°15 - A diversified portfolio makes it possible to strike a balance between solid returns and security, while respecting your tolerance for risk.

Tip n°16 - Learn about your investor profile to find the investments that are right for you.
This is important to know when it comes to investing. Someone with a bold profile won’t make the same investment choices as someone who is more conservative, and vice versa.

Tip n°17 - By planning for regular withdrawals in your budget, you could accumulate an impressive nest egg by the end of the year.
You don't have to invest a lot to make your money grow.

Tip n°20 -The secret to saving is consistency.
When you put aside small amounts throughout the year, your money accumulates without you even noticing.

Good advice will get you far!
Don’t delay in getting great advice from our team of advisors,  whose expertise covers the full range of financial services. Make an appointment to talk about your investments today!

To talk to an advisor, drop by a branch or dial 1-800 252-1846

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