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Unclaimed Property

The laws of some Canadian provinces set out specific responsibilities for the administration of unclaimed property if the last known address of the owner of the property was in one of these provinces. The laws are intended to make sure that every reasonable effort is made to return unclaimed property to its rightful owner and to ensure that property without an owner is delivered to the State.

LBCFS always makes every reasonable effort to find the owner of unclaimed property, including:

  • Sending a letter to the owner’s last known address
  • Calling the owner’s last known phone number
  • Doing a phone number search (telephone directory, 411 directory assistance, online search)
  • Doing a search using a search engine

Property is considered unclaimed when:

  • Mail is returned to LBCFS ;
  • Where no claim or transaction has been made and no instructions have been given by the client in respect of the property for at least three years;
  • Reasonable efforts have been made to trace the client.

Once property is declared unclaimed, and depending on the applicable provincial legislation, unclaimed property is delivered to a government agency or is kept by the LBCFS broker.

If you believe that you or someone on whose behalf you are acting has unclaimed property with LBCFS, or if you would like to obtain more information about unclaimed property, you can contact the agencies listed below, depending on which province you live in:


Revenu Québec


Tax and Revenue Administration:

British Columbia

BC Unclaimed Property Society

Other provinces

We invite you to contact your mutual fund representative or customer service at: 514 -522-1846 / 1-800-522-1846; they will be pleased to help you conduct the appropriate search.

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