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Pre-authorised payments and direct deposits transfer

Transfer your pre-authorised payments and direct deposits in only four simple steps!

Pre-authorised payments Direct deposits
1. Get a copy of your Laurentian Bank cheque specimen.
2. List the organisations with which you have a pre-authorised payment. 2. List the organisations from with you receive funds.
3. Communicate with each organisation in order to redirect the pre-authorised payment or direct deposit towards your Laurentian Bank account. Many organisations let you modify your banking coordinates yourself on their website.​
  *For you salary deposit, you need to provide your employer with your Laurentian Bank cheque specimen in order for your paycheque to be deposited directly in your Laurentian Bank account.​
​4. Close your old account.

Be sure to consult your Laurentian Bank banking statement to ensure that all your operations have been transferred. For any question, please contact us at 514-252-1846 or 1-800-252-1846 (toll-free).