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Planning My Dream Trip

Whether for a vacation or for business, by car or plane, a trip requires planning. Especially that dream trip! Passport, tickets, luggage, money, exchange rates, insurance, etc. You don't want to forget anything.

Destination PPP: Preparation, Prevention, Protection

Here’s a little checklist to help you get ready for take off!

  • Check your credit card expiration date and credit limit and make sure you know your PIN so you can withdraw money from ATMs.
  • Write down phone numbers for emergencies, travel insurance, and to quickly cancel or replace lost or stolen credit cards. If your Laurentian Bank cards have been lost or stolen, call us at 1-800-252-1846.
  • Postdate your bill payments that will be due during your trip or sign up for LBCDirect to check the transactions on your account or your credit card, or to carry out other transactions by Internet or telephone.
  • Leave instructions for your guaranteed investment certificates (GICs), RRSPs or mortgage loans that will mature while you’re away.
  • Keep your passport, tickets and travel funds separate.
  • Only keep the minimum amount needed for your daily expenses on you.
  • Spend as many of your coins as possible—most change can’t be exchanged in Canada.

My Payment Solutions

U.S. Dollars (USD)

It's always wise to keep about $50 on you for arrival taxes, a cup of coffee, a taxi to the hotel, etc.

U.S. Dollars are available at any of our branches.

Debit Card

You can use your debit card to pay for your purchases or take out money from ATMs with the Interac symbol anywhere in Canada. Abroad, you can use it to withdraw up to CDN $500 per day in local currency from ATMs in the Plus network (look for the logo on the back of your card). 

However, you'll still have to plan ahead to avoid racking up transaction fees, i.e., about $4 per withdrawal. 

The only transactions permitted outside the country are withdrawals, and the limit is reset every day at midnight, Canadian Eastern standard time, so keep in mind the time difference!

Credit Card

Have you ever tried to reserve a hotel room or buy a plane ticket without a credit card? No luck? A credit card is a must when traveling. 

You can also use it to withdraw cash from ATMs wherever you go. Take note that the interest is calculated from the date of withdrawal1


Do you have our Visa EXPLORE card?

Take advantage of our points program to travel: you can redeem your points for travel credits (from 10,000 points) and pay the remaining balance with your card. Do you need advice on booking your trip? Our travel agents are there to help you.

Contact your Reward Zone agent at 1-888-642-8171
or visit for details.


Do you have our Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite* card?

If you do, then you already benefit from all the advantages of our "travel" cards, including the services of our travel agency and the insurance program. You can also redeem your points as you wish and enjoy the exclusive world of the Visa Infinite program: a complimentary Concierge Service, benefits at more than 900 luxury hotels, special invitations to unique events, etc.

Visit for information about all the services or to book a hotel. 

Visa EXPLORE and Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite Travel Protection

Enjoy a complete range of travel insurance2 with no additionnal fees. A useful tool for settling expenses of all kinds.

  • Medical Care and Services (up to a maximum of 31 days)
  • Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance
  • Public Transport Vehicle Accident Insurance
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • Delayed Baggage Insurance

To find out more and to learn what restrictions may apply, call 514-252-1846 or 1-800-252-1846, or talk to your advisor.

Legal notice

1. Certain fees may apply. Refer to the user agreement enclosed with your Visa card.
2. Visa EXPLORE annual fee: $110, Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite annual fee: $130 ($50 for co-holder). Travel Insurance: some conditions apply. For details refer to the distribution guide and insurance certificate detailing your coverage on this website, or in branches.

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