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Get in the know on your LBCDirect services!


Web browser

Minimum version requirements to use LBCDirect:

  • Explorer 8
  • Firefox 16
  • Chrome 22
  • Safari 5.06

Opening a secure session

Your session is fully secured. You must:

  • Enter your access number
  • Enter your password
  • Answer one of your security questions
  • Select a security image

For extra security, you session will be terminated after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Bookmark the LBCDirect URL! https://lbcweb.laurentianbank.ca

The cache memory

Cache memory is a temporary memory in your Web browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, etc.) that saves a copy of the latest pages that you've viewed.

When you return to a previously viewed page, the browser retrieves the content from the cache instead of the actual website. In a nutshell, cache memory speeds up the retrieval and display time when surfing the web.

After each session, make sure to clear your browser's cache memory or history to prevent your confidential data from being viewed by any one else.

To find out how to clear the cache memory, type the name of your browser in a search engine such as Google.



The Summary shows your list of accounts and their current balances, scheduled payments and transfers, as well as any messages or alerts that are waiting in your message box.  Accounts are grouped by type: Bank accounts (e.g. chequing and savings),

  • bank accounts;
  • US fund bank accounts;
  • investment accounts;
  • credit cards;
  • lines of credit;
  • loans;
  • mortgage loans.


This page displays important messages.

If no messages are currently available, this section of the page will not display.

The messaging service also alerts you when you receive a new message. To keep abreast of your messages, make sure to provide an email address that you use frequently. Go to My Profile to confirm your address, phone number and email address.

Electronic bank statements and Laurentian Bank VISA statements

Your bank and Laurentian Bank VISA statements are available in electronic format.

E-statement remain available for a period of 7 years in Laurentian Bank archives, are secure, eco-friendly and economic.

To receive e-statements, you must open a Canada Post epostTM account and link it to LBCDirect.

You can open an epostTM account via the My Profile section under Communication Preferences.

You can also link an existing epostTM account to LBCDirect. To do so, you will need to have your epostTM ID and password. You may need to contact epostTM to get this information. You can do so from the Messages section.

Transaction History

Transaction History

Select an account from the drop-down list to view transactions as well as your account information and details.
Use Advanced Options to filter transactions and specify your search criteria.

Transaction history of an account

Select an account from the list of your accounts. Each item of the drop-down list displays the name, number and balance of the account.
Depending on the type of account selected, the transaction history page may display by default all transactions within the last 30 days.
Depending on the type of transaction, you can search by:

  • Period (date);
  • Month;
  • Advanced Options (ex. search for deposits, withdrawals, cheques issued within a given period, etc.).

Depending on the type of account, the account history will progressively go back up to 24 months from the current date.
Visa account history will go back to 5 months for beginning, and progressively go back up to 24 months.

Download the transaction history

You can download the transaction history in a format compatible with Quicken, Excel, Simply Accounting, PDF, etc. 


Pay bills

You can pay bills from a large number of companies and suppliers. Issue payments:

  • immediately: on the same day;
  • post-dated payments: at a specific date in the future;
  • recurring payments: automatically at a determined frequency up to 365 days in the future.

A recurring payment can be programmed on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or month-end basis.

Transactions submitted after 8:45 p.m. will be processed the next day.

Add and delete payees

Add a payee

Add a payee to your list of payees in order to issue payments on the spot as well as post-dated or recurring payments.
You can add a payee to your list either by searching by name or alphabetically.

Delete a payee

If you no longer wish to settle a payee's bills via LBCDirect, you can easily delete that payee from your list.

Schedule payments

This page displays information on upcoming payments, including the payment amount, source account, payee name, payment date and frequency as well as the next payment date.

Delete a scheduled payment

You can easily delete a scheduled payment from your list.

Modify a scheduled or recurring payment

You cannot modify a scheduled payment. However, you can delete the payment and program a new one by following the Delete a scheduled payment and Pay Bills process to issue an immediate or post-dated payment, or Program a recurring payment process for a recurring payment.


You can easily transfer funds between your Laurentian Bank accounts. You can also transfer funds to and from your Laurentian Bank accounts and accounts from other financial institutions.

  • Immediate transfer: Check Now to transfer the funds the same day.
  • Post-dated transfer: You can make a transfer at a specific date in the future.
  • Recurring transfer: You can program automatic transfers at a specific date and frequency in the future.

Transactions submitted after 8:45 p.m. will be processed the next day.
Please note that interest begins to accrue immediately upon transferring funds from a VISA account because this type of transaction is considered a cash advance. There is no grace period for cash advances under the terms of the agreement governing the use of the VISA card.

Scheduled transfers page

This page displays information on upcoming transfers, including the source account, destination account, amount and transfer frequency.

Delete a scheduled transfer

You can delete a scheduled transfer from your list. Important: deleting a scheduled transfer will delete all associated future post-dated and scheduled transfers.

Interac e-Transfer®

Use Interac e-Transfer® to send your own money directly to another person. All the recipient needs is a bank account at a participating Canadian financial institution and an email address or mobile phone number.

Charges of $1.00 apply for each Interac e-Transfer®.


You can submit requests directly from LBCDirect:

  • Link an external account to make inter-institution transfers;
  • Order cheques;
  • More features to come in the coming months!

Link an external account

You can link an account from another Canadian financial institution (external account) to one of your Laurentian Bank accounts in order to transfer funds between accounts.

Order cheques

Order Laurentian Bank cheques in a few clicks.


LBCDirect secure messaging

The LBCDirect messaging system is a secure and confidential means of communication between you and the Laurentian Bank.

You will be notified by email when the Laurentian Bank sends you a message.

Send a secure message to the Laurentian Bank

To send a secure message to the Laurentian Bank, simply fill out and submit the form under the Contact Us section.
You will receive a confidential and secured response under the Messages section within 48 business hours.

View your epostTM inbox

This page lists the saved items in your Canada Post epostTM mailbox. It displays:

  • a document description (mailer and type of document);
  • the date the document was sent; and
  • for bills or statements, the due date and amount.

Manage epostTM mailers

  • Add, modify or delete a mailer linked to your epostTM account;
  • Change your epostTM communication preferences.

Link an epostTM account

You can link an existing epostTM account to LBCDirect. To do so, you will need to have your epost ID and password. You may need to contact epostTM to get this information.

You can link and existing epostTM account or create a new one from your Communication Preferences, under the My Profile section.


Contact information
View, review and modify your contact information with the Laurentian Bank. For example, remember to update your contact information when moving.

Current information
This section displays your contact information on file with the Laurentian Bank, including:

  • your full address;
  • phone number;
  • email.

New contact information
You can update your contact information in a flash.

Change your password
You can change your LBCDirect password at any time under this section. Don't hesitate to change it often, especially if you suspect that someone else knows your password.
Remember that your password should be comprised of a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 20 alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers only), with a least one letter and one digit. Your password can't contain special characters such as $%?&! or capital letters.
Remember your password because it will be active on your next LBCDirect session!

Choose a secure password
A good password is not necessarily complicated. Instead, it should follow a pattern that is easy to remember yet difficult to guess by disaffected individuals.
Tips on how to choose a strong password:

  • Your password should be at least 8 characters long.
  • Use a combination of letters and at least one number
  • Be creative. Use the first letter of each word of a memorable sentence or phrase, then make it even tougher by changing some of the letters to numbers (e.g. use a "3" to replace an "e").
  • Try a mix of your pet's name, your favourite numbers, the street you grew up on or other combinations.


  • Never use your name, birthday, driver's license or passport number.
  • Commit your password to memory and don't store it on your computer or in your mobile phone.
  • Change your password often.
  • If a website or browser asks to remember your credentials, unclick that option and take the time to re-enter your password each time.
  • Clear your browsing history or cache after banking online.
  • Don't repeat numbers (5555) and letters (bbbb). Don't use simple sequences (abcdefg or 56789) or letters that appear in a row on your keyboard (qwerty).
  • Don't use the same password everywhere. Cybercriminals hack passwords and user names from ill-secured websites and use them to access highly-secured websites, including financial websites.

Change your security image
A security image is a means to add an extra level of security to your banking session. Don't hesitate to change it often, especially if you suspect that someone else knows your security image.
Clicking an image circumvents keyloggers that can record your key strokes.
Commit your new image to memory because it will be active on your next LBCDirect session!

Change your security questions
A security question is a means to confirm that you are the account holder.
Ideally, the question and answer should be relevant only to you. The idea is to associate two elements, not necessarily an answer to a formal question.

For example:
Question: two times two. / Answer: date squares
Create three questions and answers known only by you. Your questions and answers must contain between 6 and 60 characters each. Please note that your questions/answers are case sensitive and that the system will also memorize spaces.


  • Choose questions and answers that you are sure to remember.
  • Don't disclose them to anyone.
  • The answer should be precise enough to be impossible to guess.
  • Avoid sensitive personal information (social insurance number) or information easily found on social networks (Facebook Twitter, etc.).

Commit your security questions to memory because they will be active on your next LBCDirect session!
However, the system will give you the opportunity to save your answers. Why?
Firstly because it protects you against keyloggers which could record your keystrokes. Security questions will only popup when you login from a computer that does not have a cookie from a previous visit or when the existing cookie has expired.
Secondly because it makes your life easier by skipping an authentication step.

Communication preferences
Choose how you want the Bank to communicate with you depending on the type of document to send.

Statements and administrative communications
You can choose to receive your statements electronically via Canada Post’s epostTM service or by mail.
By default, statements and administrative communications are sent by mail.
Please note that charges apply to paper statement while the epostTM service is free of charge.


Your satisfaction is important to us and we remain attentive to your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or specific requests. This page offers you several means to get answers to your questions or to send us your comments:

  • Click the Email Us link to send us a secure message via this site;
  • Call our Customer Service department, available 24/7 for questions or if your VISA card has been lost or stolen;
  • Drop us a line at our postal address;
  • Use our TTY service for the hearing impaired.

Secure messaging
Contact us via a secure channel. You will receive a confidential and secured response under the Messages section of LBCDirect within 48 business hours.


Security Guaranteed

The Laurentian Bank is committed to protecting your privacy and has implemented stringent security measures to provide you with a secure access to banking services. Read this section for details.

Last session

View the date and time you last logged in on LBCDirect.

Site map

View and access any page in LBCDirect in a click.

Security and privacy

Laurentian Bank is fully committed to keeping your personal information secure and confidential. This page describes the details of our commitment.

Legal notice

This section details the legal terms and conditions of use LBCDirect.

Mobile site

Click Mobile Site to access a version of LBCDirect created exclusively for mobile devices. No additional credentials needed. Simply use the same access code and password as usual.
Use it to:

  • Check the balance on your savings accounts, lines of credit and VISA cards;
  • Transfer funds;
  • Pay bills linked to your LBCDirect online account;
  • Find out how to contact the Laurentian Bank;
  • Notify us of a lost or stolen card.

Remember to add this page to your home page or bookmarks for easy access!
The LBCDirect Mobile site is optimized for touchscreen devices including BlackBerry Bold and Torch, iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows phone and Androïd, as well as a number of other BlackBerry touchscreens.


Use the locator to find a Laurentian Bank branch or automatic banking machine. Click on Locator to be redirected to laurentianbank.ca and search by branch number or address.

Sign out

Securely close your LBCDirect session by clicking Sign out. For added security, close your browser after ending your session.
If you're using a public or shared computer (Internet café, office computer, etc.), remember to empty the browser's cache. Remember to log off from your banking session before leaving your computer unattended.

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