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End of epostTM service

Canada Post will be ending its epostTM service in 2022. Your last epostTM statement will be sent to you in September 2022. If you wish to keep your current epostTM statements on file, you can download or print your statements.

Laurentian Bank will continue to offer eStatements after epostTM is terminated. Rest assured that we will provide you with updates regarding changes to your eStatements delivery.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you usually do your banking online? Then why not receive your statements electronically? Not only will you be reducing your environmental footprint, you'll also enjoy many benefits.

Access your statements and bills securely on LBCDirect. Only account holders can read them and your personal data is protected.

View your statements anytime, anywhere. Receive them directly via secure messaging while avoiding mail delays.

Identical layout
Switching over is easy since eStatements are identical to paper statements.


epostTM is a trademark of Canada Post Corporation.

Legal notice

1. If you choose electronic delivery of statements, you are opting for electronic delivery of your statements, notices, amendments to agreements, for the products you hold and those you may hold in the future, among the following: bank account, line of credit, credit card, personal loan and mortgage. The change in your communication method will take effect upon your consent.