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Profiles and Account Choices

In addition to the following table, our simulation tool can help you choose the right account and plan for you.



Examples of Profiles and Account Choices
My Profile, My Choice My Types of Transactions and Other Advantages
I am under 18

The Youth Plan
  • Unlimited electronics transactions per month (Direct Payment purchases and withdrawals from automated banking machines (ABMs) in the INTERACTM network, withdrawals, deposits, bill payments, funds transfers at a branch or via LBCDirect, automatic debits, cheques, account maintenance).
  • 2 transactions in branch
I am in the 16-25 age bracket and I am a full-time student.

Student Advantage
  • $8 monthly discount on the regular monthly fee of one of the following plans:
    Plans Preferred Account Unlimited Account
    Reduced monthly fee Free $5.75
    Maximum number of free transactions per month2 20 Unlimited
    Admissible transactions and other privileges3 Details
    Privileges in addition to those listed under the Preferred Account:
    • Paper bank statement: free
    • "Cheques to send monthly" option available upon request at no charge
    Financial privileges3
    • Student line of credit4 (financing starting at $1,500 and only the interest must be repaid during the course of study)
    • Visa*5 Black credit card for students (no annual fee; more flexible eligibility criteria; ideal for building credit history; practical for online purchases; advances of available funds; the Reward Me option free when making more than $200 in net purchases during the month6, or at only $1.66 per month—perfect for collecting points that can be exchanged for gift certificates at over 80 retailers, such as Future Shop, Bureau en gros/Staples, SAQ and Sports Experts)

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*Trademark of Visa Int., used under license.

Legal notice

1. INTERACTM direct payment fee of $1.00 and INTERACTM automated banking machines (ATM) of other institutions fee of $1.50. Pricing in effect as of January 1, 2015. Subject to change.
2. Current fees apply to all transactions exceeding the limit included in the banking plan. To learn the current fees, consult our My Money guide or ask an advisor at your branch.
3. Banking fees apply to all services used that are not included in the plan or program. Financial privileges available only to clients aged 18 and over.
4. Subject to credit approval. Co-signer's signature required.
5. Subject to credit approval. For more information on Laurentian Bank Visa cards, including all information on credit rates, when interest goes into effect, the grace period or fees unrelated to interest, call 514-252-1846 (Montréal and surrounding area) or 1-800-252-1846 (toll free).
6. $200 in net purchases per billing cycle required to obtain reimbursement of the monthly fee. Cash advances, Visa cheques, fees (including monthly fees, non‑sufficient funds (NSF) cheque charges, etc.), balance transfers and transactions at automated banking machines are not deemed eligible purchases.


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