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Banking Operations Tools

Between work, recreational activities and other obligations, it's not always easy to stop by the bank to conduct your transactions or to settle your day-to-day business.

At LBC, that's not a problem! You can access your account anytime and almost anywhere to conduct virtually all your transactions.


Your branch is where you first make contact with the bank, like when you want to open an account. If you plan on conducting your transactions at your branch, we recommend choosing a plan or a program that includes the transactions, to keep costs down. The individual service charges at the branch are higher than those for automated services. Without a plan or program, your bill could be rather steep.

Find the branch closest to you

ATMs with a Bank Card

Your bank card lets you enjoy a slew of secure electronic services, round the clock:

  • Laurentian Bank ATMs
  • ATMs on the INTERACTM and PLUSTM networks (international)
  • INTERACTM direct payment services

Your bank card also lets you easily access your bank account to:

  • withdraw money
  • make transfers or deposits
  • pay bills
  • make purchases from retailers who use the INTERACTM direct payment service

To get a bank card, simply request one at your branch.

Telephone and Internet LBCDirect

Sign up for LBCDirect electronic banking services to conduct your banking transactions by phone or online, from home, work, or anywhere, how and when it suits you. You no longer have to go to your branch—let your branch come to you!

Direct Payment

With the INTERACTM direct payment service you can use your bank card to pay for all the purchases you make at any of the 80,000 Quebec retailers on the INTERACTM network. When you pay, the money is taken directly from your bank account, as if you were paying cash.

Two Other Types of Banking Operations

  • Payment by cheque: a flexible payment method that you can manage independently according to your needs.
  • Automatic withdrawals: use your funds to pay bills or accounts without a second thought. It's also a good way to put money aside in a savings account.

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